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-Your family deserves a home which is dependably comfortable. You deserve energy bills which consistently low. To get both, count on our team of dedicated, local heating, & HVAC installation. Give us a call for a free quote


-At Sharp Air Mechanical we're all about effective and efficient results. When you use our services, you can trust your AC will be saving energy and running perfectly for years. Our technicians are reliable and highly qualified to get the job done at your residential property. We guarantee 100% satisfaction whether it's repairs, installations, or maintenance, you will not be disappointed. Give us a call at 512-954-5152.


-Sharp Air Mechanical is a local full service Air conditioning company that provides customers with prompt service, AC installation, repair, and preventative maintenance at a competitive price. When you need HVAC service, you need to select a company that will provide you with high quality, highly skilled technicians that know your HVAC system inside and out.


-We install all types of fittings, duct and pipe. We specialize in commercial HVAC duct systems. Our company has fabricated & installed commercial duct work and HVAC components for many projects including Starbucks , Dominos , Verizon , Vaquero Taquero,T-Mobile , MetroPCS, Jack in the Box, From grease ducts to galvanized and everything in between, contact us for your metal installation needs.


-When dirty AC Filters are left in a system they begin to restrict airflow, restricted air flow means your system is going to work harder to push the same amount of air. This can cause damage to your system and also raise your utility bills. The harder your HVAC unit has to work, the more energy it eats away. AC and Furnace Filters should really be changed out monthly, especially during the summer months when the unit has a heavy workload.


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Frequently asked questions

    Your heating and cooling systems work incredibly hard to perform their functions. The constant stopping, starting and general operation can wear down any machine. Proper care and maintenance help to keep these systems in optimum condition and ward off malfunction. By scheduling regular maintenance, you can maximize the life of your heating and cooling units and guard against many common equipment failures. Preventive maintenance inspections performed in spring for your AC and fall for your heater can uncover leaks, rust, rot, soot, frayed wires and corroded electrical contacts. Regular maintenance will ensure maximum efficiency and prevent other problems.
    All heating and cooling equipment require annual professional tuneup. Inspections on boilers and furnaces should include ductwork, pipes, dampers, valves, the chimney, registers, radiators, pumps, blowers, fuel lines and the oil tank. Heat pump and air conditioning unit inspections should also include an examination of the fan, compressor, indoor coils, outdoor coils, and refrigerant lines.
    Programmable thermostats are more accurate and efficient than thermostats that contain mercury. With a programmable thermostat, you can program settings in advance so that you can control the temperature at different times of the day. You will never have to worry about remembering to adjust the settings manually. By scheduling your programmable thermostat to a higher or lower temperature based on your weekday work hours, you can save money on energy bills without sacrificing comfort.
    Yes. Heating and cooling that makes a lot of noise intensifies sound pollution. Although no monetary savings are related to less sound in your home, the sound rating of a heating and cooling system can have a serious effect on comfort and enjoyment of your Austin home. The sound level of an air conditioner or heat pump relies on a number of elements, such as the equipment, and the level to which the compressor is insulated. Although nearly all heating and cooling systems made today are quieter than ever before, it's a smart idea to compare sound ratings when considering a new air conditioner or heat pump, particularly if the equipment location is near bedrooms or living rooms. While some noise from your HVAC system can be expected, hearing odd or loud noises could signal a possible problem with your unit. If you don’t repair it, it could lead to considerable—and expensive—consequences down the road. Service Experts can help you figure out what’s happening with your system and what needs to be done to correct it. If you notice any of these sounds coming from your system, call an expert technician for an inspection as soon as possible
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